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N1 Vision firmware bug?

I updated the firmware off the site, pre release one, kinda not good that after 2 years its still pre release firmware. sometime in September my N1 Crashed and will not light up boot etc, after some time they sent me a new one and I flashed this and it was fine for a few hours. Now has same problem as the last, will not boot and guessing it has a firmware bug(Date based?) in the pre release firmware. Firmware I have to use to stop it DC'ing every 2 hours.

I have on expensive paper weight now(N1 Vision)


United State
I've seen this problem on N1's also, but earlier, so I don't think it's date based but rather "crappy product based"

I fault Belkin with launching products, some that they don't even make themselves (or they did, but then change it to another one made by someone else but keep the same p/n), and then just abandoning it...
Your better off sticking with a mainstream manufacture (Linksys, Netgear) that just does routers (not iToy stuff or USB stuff like Belkin)