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Re: Funny coming from a site who's business based on blacklists

I totally reject your premise.

One's own choice on OpenDNS' Web page takes << one minute. Changing a government decision blocking DNS entries takes (I'm pretty sure) at the very least, bare minimum, days, if one can even get a TRO. In the worst case it takes years of electing a different legislator and passing a law repealing another law.

Changing one's OpenDNS settings costs one such an exceedingly small fraction of one's monthly Internet access so as to call it "free," or worst case, something less than a dollar in mobile network access (if paying by the megabyte). I'm reasonably certain taking any legal action, unless you're insane and going to do it pro se, is going to cost plenty, and I can imagine at the very least, court costs.

If one changes one's OpenDNS settings, that person effectively affects noone else's DNS lookups; government altering the operation of DNS alters it for an entire jurisdiction, likely the entire nation and quite possibly globally. (Somehow I doubt Cheektowaga could do this sort of thing, but it could be any level of that, Erie County, NY, US, or global for me.)

The similarity ends (rather abrubtly IMHO) at "some other entity deciding my DNS choices." EDIT: People already do that (a large proportion of them too) when they just accept whatever is disseminated (via DHCP, PPP(oE), informational Web page, etc.) by their ISP.
English is a difficult enough language to interpret correctly when its rules are followed, let alone when a writer chooses not to follow those rules.

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