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reply to FFH5

Re: Funny coming from a site who's business based on blacklists

said by FFH5:

More than slightly inconvenient for MOST internet users. Maybe slightly inconvenient for those types of users who go to BBR and will work at bypassing restrictions. But this is a numbers game, and a large part of the internet universe won't bother digging up a blocked service once it is blocked.

It'll be SLIGHTLY inconvenient until P2P programs, browsers, and other programs using DNS start autoconfiguring alternate DNS servers or just outright not use the default system DNS servers to bypass US restricted ones...

Going around blocked DNS certainly seems to be an easier endeavor when compared to the outright torrent blocking that some ISPs were doing a few years ago (that failed when most torrent programs went encrypted).

As has been shown previously, blocking isn't the answer... users who want it will still get it.
If it's important.... back it up... twice.


Washington, DC
Don't count your chickens before they hatch. The P2P domain is a brillaint idea, but the implementation of it will be very challenging. As of now the idea has yet to even reach its infancy so we have a long way to go before it can treat this as a viable alternative to ICAAN.