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This is a sub-selection from Deja Vu?

Landing is the REAL challenge
Columbus, OH
reply to lakerfan82

Re: Deja Vu?

Seriously. That's the same thought I had. You guys are a bit late, Sprint tried that in 2006....oh yeah. lol.

On a serious note though I hope they do not plan on 'killing' iDEN but rather spin it off or sell it to another company. I can only imagine all the business customers that are going to be severely shafted in the process. There's still no foolproof replacement for iDEN's PTT system for those who need the reliability. Sprint can try all they want and whatever brand new ingenious system they crap out isn't going to meet those reliability numbers. A 'broadband based' system just sounds like a bad idea. Especially considering the vast difference in QoS and availability across their coverage area in terms of data service.
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