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This is a sub-selection from Failure of FCC

The Kapil

Chicago, IL
reply to WhatNow

Re: Failure of FCC

said by WhatNow:

The service economy is an economy that is dying. If you are making something then you are just moving money from one hand to the another. Information may make things more efficient but it is just moving money around or taking a small piece of the total pie.
China has a surplus because they make stuff and they can take all our information over time and use it for their on game. Then tell us to kiss off. We were powerful after WWII because every other major country was destroyed. We sold them everything to rebuilt when they could build their own and compete our trading got harder. Then China came alone with a work force that would work for nothing but was a good wage for them and we have funneled all our stored wealth and what we could borrow to them.

LMAO. You don't understand economics, do you? Like, at all!