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reply to xenophon

Re: Major news

said by xenophon:

It's about a half mile away. I do agree they have to tune it right but to say it doesn't at all work indoors is an incorrect statement.

Like early cell coverage, it will take a while to hash out filling in the gaps. Clear's issue is that they don't have enough capital to fill in the gaps while also rolling out new coverage. That's a logistical issue with properly rolling out 2.5Ghz, not an issue with 2.5Ghz itself.

It will take a while for 700mhz operators to tune properly as well, as it has much more significant interference issues unless in rural areas. You might get the penetration but if not tuned right, interference will cause performance to suck if even usable. 2.5Ghz needs more sites or more power. 700mhz can't do too much power so might need more sites and has to be carefully tuned with other sites nearby - not as much of a challenge in rural area but in metros, will be.

Verizon won't really have that much of a problem because they have been in the network business for a long time and know what they are doing first hand operating the nation's largest 3G network on 850mhz, which 700mhz isn't really that much different.
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