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No one likes a Greedy company, only competitive companies

Shaw should really evaluate their business model and become more competitive, other than trying to stamp out everyone that tries to be competitive. A fair product, gets a fair market share.


Shaw is just mad netflix cost as much a single PPV VOD movie on their service(or half the price of one PPV porn which there is more of on VOD then good content). Say what you want about netflix but atleast it does not deal in porn that anyone can order for 12-15 bucks...
And you wonder why people are cutting the cut in favor of ITunes, netflix, amazon vod, justin.tv etc etc etc.

So solution A is now to just insane overage-charges the amount for viewing netflix and not having to buy media rights all together. AKA same thing bell(ATT's bastard child) did super low caps with stupid overages to kill online competition.