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Domino Dude, POWER Systems Guy
Hollywood, FL

What's a broadcaster or an ISP anymore?

So I suppose we need to re-define both of those terms in regulatory circles in order to solve this?

Seriously Shaw and others like it who claim to be ISPs but really are content providers crack me up.

They aren't providing dumb pipe anymore. They're into all sorts of things. There are very few really true ISPs out there who are just providing the pipe.

AT&T, Shaw, Comcast....aren't ISPs in that sense. Thus why they're freaked out by Internet content siphoning into their cable TV business.

Funny really. The Internet is a data medium. Content is data.

The idea that any online content site now should be a broadcaster is pretty absurd when thought about traditionally. So they only way to shift things back into the hands of incumbents is to change the regulations...as per usual!
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