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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to Skippy25

Re: Something has to give.

said by Skippy25:

Right... because what Comcast says is oh so on the up and up.

It's because what Comcast says is the truth, and Level 3 is yet to deny any of their claims. Instead, they're deflecting from the facts with the "evil comcast is protecting their video revenue" claims.

ISP's do not have to eat any cost. They run an internet service, that requires them to deliver packets their consumers request. This has cost associated with it. Cost they make up for in their rates they charge their subscribers. If they are paying more then they are receiving then they need to raise their rates to their subscribers to make up that difference.

Based on the above, I suggest you take your own advice:

I suggest you read that so you actually know what you are talking about.


Hazelwood, MO
I am going to assume you did not read the linked article as you are still spewing nonsense. You should read it, there are even pretty pictures with color and all to help you understand better.

This has absolutely nothing to do with peering and thus has nothing to do with what Comcast is trying to claim. Comcast is NOT a peering company. They are trying to be more of a CDN just as Level 3 is, but that is not relevant to any of this beyond the fact that Comcast is attempting to profit from others being CDN's to companies they are not by charging a "toll" to have traffic delivered to their customers.

I am not going to continue to dispute this with you. The facts are out there, not just the he said / she said stuff. You trying to ignore them for the benefit of your argument is not going to change that.