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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to backness

Re: The CRTC

said by backness:

I had the chance in a class i'm taking to write a paper on this and it was actually sent to the commisioners at the CRTC.

The conclusion that we came to was basically the only answer to all the Canadian Content problems is to tax new media and funnel the revenue to fund canadian content production.

The CRTC needs to step out of the way and move this file over to revenue Canada.

a 1%-3% levy on purchased digital media and we could do away with Canadian Content laws and all these problems.

After all traditional broadcasting is on a crash course with reality

I think a tax on digital media would be more unpopular than ISPs raising rates.

Gimme more, I want it faster, and I want it close to free and cheap as possible... that's the mantra of the cord cutter.



I agree but what is the alternative? Have major broadcasters be in control of all the content? Creation of a web licencing system?

With the number of choices going from 3 in the 1950's (Over the air) to up to 300 in the 2000's (modern cable) the next step is going to an infinite source of broadcasters (IP delivery).

Any other system falls apart if you really step back from the problem.

We further suplemented the analysis by saying that only content that got used got the funding, so you don't get any cash until the product is a success (or at least only a small fraction).

I could not see any other way to keep the Canadian Content sytem alive. (not that I really care about it anyway)