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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to CanadianLuvr

Re: Yule this Shaw!

said by CanadianLuvr :

said by fifty nine:

So are you implying that it costs nothing to run a cable network?

Are you kidding me? Last time I checked Comcast was not losing any money. You will just have to see that the way we get our entertainment is changing, and the old dinosaur model of broadcast TV is going to be extinct soon.

Nobody said that they are losing money. In fact they are profitable precisely because they price their product appropriately.

As for the "dinosaur model of broadcast TV" going extinct? Hardly. A few cord cutters does not make a revolution. In fact despite the depressed housing market, cable companies are doing quite well.


Those few cord cutters as you put it are what is scaring the pants off of cable companies and why they are resorting to desperate measures like this article.

They know that if the trend keeps up, broadcast TV will be a thing of the past in 10-20 years and we will be using an HBO app on our Google TV to get a program, rather than paying 80 bucks a month for a bunch of channels we don't want.