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Elwood Blues
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reply to r81984

Re: Something has to give.

said by r81984:

My cable company sells cable for $50 a month and internet for $50 a month. They make a much smaller profit off the tv after they pay content providers than when they sell internet which requires no payment to content providers.

In Canada the cable companies don't pay what we call the "conventional channels" providers (major Canadian networks, the 4 US networks, etc). However the cableco's do have to pay the freight to get the content to their NOC.

When it comes to the specialty channels, the Cableco's also hold all the cards, most channels do no require mandatory carriage, so each "broadcaster" has to negotiate withe Cableco's for carriage, and trust me if they get more then 50c/subscriber I'd be quite surprised.

The cablecos up here are also the major internet providers and at the same time own substantial broadcasting properties. Americans talk about concentration of the media, trust me, it's much worse in Canada.
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