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Porter Ranch, CA

business network install quote

It would be gladly appreciated if you can give me an rough estimation of each of the following for installation of 81 computers.
1)How much for cat 5 wire drop.
2)installing Ethernet wall jacks.
3)installing patch panel
4)installation of routers, servers, switch,
5)cost of wire per foot.
6)labor per hour
Thank You

Lanett, AL
If you are still looking for this info I can give you a rough estimation for sure. On average network drops are $125 for a complete turnkey installation (wire, jacks, punchdowns, labor, etc). For 81 drops you will definitely want some robust structured cabling installed. Several patch panels, possibly broken out in groups of what each drop does (assuming they aren't all straight data lines).

Also for 81 drops you will most likely be able to negotiate a bulk rate of some kind. At $125 a drop, 81 drops would cost you $10,125. When we moved in to our new office suite about 4 years ago I did all the wiring myself with the occasional help from a couple other employees. We pulled 35 drops, 20 data and 15 voice/VoIP. We had to use plenum cable due to the HVAC system using an open-air return, if you can get away with regular cable the parts cost will be less.

We used three 1000 foot boxes of cable, 40 keystone jacks and two patch panels. Rough guess of parts cost was $1,000. Took me about 3 days to do it all working 6-8 hours a day. Even at the "typical" rate of $90 an hour for an IT person that's roughly $2,000. As you can see, $125 a drop for a turnkey install is a pretty good price, but there is a LOT of room for bulk discount negotiation. Plus I do not think we used all the cable either.