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Mounting satellite dish

Our new house does not have a satellite dish. This is what my concrete tile roof looks like:

»www.southfloridaroofing. ··· libu.jpg

If I lift 1 up and put a cable underneath it, how will the tile go right back down if there is a cable preventing this?

Or is the white wood between the gutter and tiles in the way? If a hole was drilled through this white wood would it lead to inside my roof?

For safety reasons, does the cable need to be grounded for lightning protection?

Tombstone, AZ
Those tiles are not just laying on there they should be held down by restraining wires. They do not fit flush together either there is plenty of room to place a cable between them. That white scalloped stuff at the edeges is most likely just sheet metal and not wood. Cable can be run around it also.

Having said that what do you plan to bolt the dish to?

I would not be mounting a dish to my stucco. I would go with a pole mount and then bring the cable thru the wall at exactly the place i wanted it to enter the house.

It has to be grounded.

Are you talking TV or satelite internet. This is actually an internet forum but they work the same.
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