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Albuquerque, NM
reply to JfromC

Re: This is why Net Neutrality is CRUCIAL!

Exactly, they provide the road, who is to say what I use it for?

This is like if the phone companies owned the airwaves when cell phones came about. The trouble is that the cable companies whose entire business model is built on TV is now in many places the sole provider of internet access.

Until that changes, which I really don't see how it can, we may be doomed to get our TV via over priced forced down our throats 200+ channel plans. That will really make me sad since I enjoy the freedom to just buy netflix and watch the shows I wish without the 100usd bill per month to pay for shows I will never watch.

Then again, I just discovered today that for Qwest, my provider, 12mbs service is finally available for us loyal customers, at $20 a month higher cost than for new subscribers who also get their first six months at 30 bucks. So much for encouraging customer loyalty.