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This is a sub-selection from Why Would Netflix Worry?


Tannersville, PA
reply to 88615298

Re: Why Would Netflix Worry?

said by 88615298:

said by thegeek:

The consumer is still going to subscribe to Netflix if that is what they want. If they have a low cap then they end having to stream fewer movies. The fewer movies that Netflix has to deliver to the consumer the higher their profit margin.

The fewer movies I can stream the less of a bargin Netflix seems. Thus I cancell my subscription which = LOST REVENUE.

The fewer movies a person can legally stream because of low caps becomes the more illegal divx avi's that get pirated because the files are smaller.

This = LOST revenue for both Netflix and content providers.

Why can't they just give people the fast dumb unlimited pipe they are asking for? I'd pay $100 a month for that. It would allow me to dump my useless commercial-laden cable tv, and it would still be cheaper than what I pay now.