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reply to iansltx

Re: What are they smoking?

said by iansltx:

There are exactly two providers available in my town if you want to get fiber connectivity, and both would have to build out from their location to that of a subscriber.

I dont doubt it, however that only proves my assertion. What you are talking about is the textbook definition of last mile connectivity, of which I agree is in short demand in some places. Middle mile fiber typically refers to regional fiber between major market POPs. In some cases it can overlap and include towns, however that is really last mile fiber.
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Tell that to middle mile providers/grentees from the 7.2B broadband bailout. I assure you, they will disagree completely.

Middle mile, as everyone except you defines it, is the mile (or 50, or 100) of fiber (or microwave) used to et betwee an ISP's PoP (usually in a Ier 3 or smaller cty) and a carrier neutral facility or other "zero loop" location.

By my definition, cellular backhaul all th way up to the cell site is middle mile, though the cellular provider may own part of that middle mile in the form of microwave relays. Zayo is a big playerin this space...just ask T-Mobile. Last mile is the airspace between the cell tower and the user's aircard.

Taking a wireline example, middle mile is al the way to a cable headend. Last mile is the HFC network beyond the CMTS. Last mile on telcos is where active optics stp and passive ones begin...or where the DSLAM is. With Ethernet fibr networks lik SureWest the distinction is more subtle.

You can subdivide the above into parts that the ISP traditionally owns and parts that the telco (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) Traditionally owned (the loop charfge on a T1). However the fact remains that your definition of "last mile" and "middle mile" diverge from those of everyon else.