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Phillip M Dampier

Rochester, NY

[DSL] Frontier's Secret 5/50/100GB Usage Limits

Thanks to some readers here, I spent the better part of the weekend exploring Frontier's latest dirty deed -- the all-secret return of the usage cap.

After finally succeeding in our battle to get them to remove the 5GB usage limit in their Acceptable Use Policy back in August (which is what started Stop the Cap! to begin with), the company has secretly started using it again as a tool to battle their "heavy users" in suburban Sacramento.

Two letters have gone out to customers -- one for those exceeding 100GB of usage per month, another for those exceeding 250GB telling them they have a week to call the company to discuss reducing usage or paying more than double for a business account.

After 20 days, the letter states, the customer is told their service will be disconnected.

But we've talked with customers who were told the $99.99 monthly rate will begin the first time they exceed 100GB of usage again... automatically.

One customer ran over her secret limit using Frontier's own video website!

We've also talked with one of our sources at Frontier who explains why this is happening.

You can read the details here: »stopthecap.com/2010/12/13/fronti···lose-it/

My recommendation is for Elk Grove residents to start calling the local media, especially KOVR's consumer reporter: »sacramento.cbslocal.com/contact-kurtis/

He's done stories on Frontier before. Drawing additional media attention to this is an important step in fighting back. Then, file a complaint with the state Attorney General, especially if you are on a price protection agreement.

If anyone is charged an early termination fee as a result of this, I want to know about it. Please drop me a line at phil (@) stopthecap.com.

We have effectively beaten back Frontier before when there is a concerted effort by angry customers to get them to relent. If you want unlimited Frontier DSL, get involved.
Phillip M. Dampier
Editor, Stop the Cap!



I'm not sure if they're doing this in Ohio. Should I break the supposed 100 GB to test?
Vita est bona.

North Tonawanda, NY
·Verizon Online DSL
·Frontier Communi..

Might as well try it if you have nothing to lose. If you have Steam or want to spend some time on FileFront, you can find some massive files to download on fast servers that will eat caps with no problem. I would shy away from P2P due to overhead and suspicion but it works too. YouTube during the night time hours (find 30 minute to 1 hour long 1080p videos) is also a great choice. Those HD videos can easily take up a Gigabyte or two. Some of the 480p videos can consume a good chunk of bandwidth too.

Here's a file you can try. Should tack on 10GB to your usage once it's fully downloaded.



Renick, WV
reply to Dampier

I download games from steam all the time, World of Warcraft patches, watch Netflix and a bunch of other things. I would guarantee I'm the highest user in my area, so far I haven't been told to stop lol.

poo pookie

reply to Dampier

If Frontier thinks they are breaking the "Frontier" with this cap limit and other companies will follow in it's wake then I think the DSL companies are in for a fight. Not only from consumers who are already over-paying, but from all the other businesses this will impact financially. Apple, Netflix, Blizzard , and many many more who all employ thousands of people.

Isn't our economy bad enough without something like this heading toward us like a freight train out of control? Isn't technology supposed to move forward and not backward?

I am in MI and will for sure be keeping an eye out , we are part of the former Verizon customers. I can't even begin to go into all the problems I have had since the change over from Verizon.


reply to niblifar

I'm in NE Ohio, I haven't experienced any of this yet.

I've been pegging my connection for the past month or so, and haven't seen anything. I did over 350GB last month I believe.

Netflix alone uses about 1GB per TV show I watch. I watched 3 seasons of Prison Break one week alone.

Then again, they still haven't gotten their stuff straight around here. Only time will tell.

We the people
Brewster, WA
reply to Dampier

It's also interesting that Frontier (and others too I'm sure) specifically log the type of content being accessed by their customers. I'd really hate to be a business customer with this kind of info stored and probably accessible by random employees. Too many people that don't care about privacy I guess..
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reply to Dampier

i am not at all surprised about this. frontier is one of the most corrupt companies i have ever dealt with. i'm now kind of glad that they do not offer dsl in my area. if there was any other telephone company i could go to, i would ditch frontier faster than blink of an eye. god i hate this company

WA 425

Lynnwood, WA
reply to firephoto

said by firephoto:

It's also interesting that Frontier (and others too I'm sure) specifically log the type of content being accessed by their customers.

Could you elaborate on this please? Obviously any ISP knows what their customers are accessing if they bother to check the records, but are you saying that Frontier assigns profiles to their customers based on what type of content they access? And if so, what reason do you have to believe this?

We the people
Brewster, WA

I'm not saying they are making profiles (they could be). I'm saying they are logging specific data types downloaded per unique customer (connection). It's the only way they can show a chart to the type of data YOU access each month.

This logging is the first step to content filtering.
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reply to Dampier

I'm a fairly heavy user, I would think anyway, but haven't heard anything.

Half the reason I left Charter was their threat of caps a couple years ago, which they are just now starting to enforce.
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