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Re: [PA] PECO rate caps expiring - changing electrical supplier?

Off-peak meters have timer-controlled hours of operation, hence the name "off-peak" - they are only live during off-peak demand times.

I have an off-peak meter for my hot water heater and clothes dryer. I called PECO when I bought this house 6 years ago since I wasn't familiar with the concept. They explained it as follows:

In the summer, it's dead from 1:00pm to 8:00 PM which are peak demand times due to air conditioner use. During the rest of the year it dead only from 4PM to 7PM which are peak times when people are getting home from work, turning all their lights on, using the electric stoves to cook dinner, etc. As far as I have been able to tell, those times are valid.

I got a letter recently saying that the timed-use off-peak discount program is ending. PECO is going to be installing smart meters in 2012. With that, there will be discounts if you shift your electric use to off-peak times on your own. I plan on doing this by putting a timer on my water heater and a few other things.
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