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This is a sub-selection from Damn lol

Oc'D To Rhythm And Police
Tempe, AZ
reply to glinc

Re: Damn lol

then... move?

Metro works for me, and I'm clearly getting a better deal for it.


No your not your paying for soso crap lol, stop kidding yourself.

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Woodland Hills, CA
reply to C0deZer0
said by C0deZer0:

then... move?

Metro works for me, and I'm clearly getting a better deal for it.

Actually, I pay almost exactly the same for t-Mobile, I get a better phone (highly subsidized), a way better (and bigger) network, the fastest data speeds on the market, tethering, and the #1 customer service... all for around $60 per line after corporate discount (which ain't hard to get).

My point is, MetroPCS is inadequate for many people, and isn't even always the best "deal".


Cleveland, OH
Metro is for people who don't travel and want a fixed rate. They include taxes; people know what they get. They also are month to month; your TMO service has a contract. but TMO also does offer mont to month but you gotta pay for the phone.

Oc'D To Rhythm And Police
Tempe, AZ
reply to Authority
Um, last I checked, T-Mobile still does the same "low advertised rate", but then charges a shitload of extra taxes that they don't advertise or tell you about until after you sign the dotted line.

And I could be wrong, but do they even have unlimited data plans anymore?

My other problem with these carriers is that the contract also locks you into a phone that magically becomes a piece of junk by the end of the first year; if you're lucky, you're still within warranty. If not, they want you to pay $800+ for a new phone, or extend that contract even further still. Then the company refuses to help you in any way, but you're still legally required to continue paying for service you can't use because the phone decides to become garbage. And even if you decide to pay the ETF (which is bullshit to me at this point) you still gotta then go through the whole thing all over again to get a phone that works. And then they want this extortion fee to actually do something about it, when for how much they want to charge with all these BS taxes and rates should have more than covered it already.

Never with AT&T have I actually had a phone that didn't become crap after year one on a plan. While they may be just one company, the collusion in terms of rates, overages, taxes and basically handling the "crap-phone" scenario has left a bad taste in my mouth. I pined like crazy for a true "no commitment" thing, but then any phone that was even worth using were all between $6-800 MSRP... you could almost get a car for that kinda money. And I don't know of any sensible person that would spend that much when they shouldn't have to.

Finding Metro, and finding it works well where I live, is a boon. Phones are much more reasonably priced, and there's no commitment or lock to stay on a plan, or stay with a phone. They will soon be getting an LTE phone on Android according to the news; had I been with any other carrier, they'd want $800 or more just to change phones without suffering another two years to the "lock-in". Yet because I'm on Metro, all I have to pay for, is the price of the phone (which at worst would be $349) and they'll migrate my data from my old one to the new one for it. Given the plan I already have with them now, I'm at worst looking at maybe another $10/month for the 4G service... $60/month, every month. Doesn't matter how much data I use, how many texts I send, how many calls I make... and that's a good thing. With Metro, I'd been able to cut the home phone with no regret, and as a whole, saving about $40/month there.
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Boost Mobile is WAY WAY Better the Metro, and they include all the taxes ext also..

Metro is pretty much for the trash on the US...