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Naples, FL
reply to Corehhi

Re: The highest appeal

Wrong again. The databases already exist, and are often subpoenaed by the government and the RIAA/MPAA among others. You're about 10 years behind what is really going on now.


off track
reply to wifi4milez
Screw Godwin. The Nazi's never went away!


reply to FFH5
"and you think violent revolution over cell phone data plans is the solution? "

it would be a really good place to start

reply to sapo
said by sapo:

The freedom and unrestricted nature of the internet is why I use it. Once you make tiers that make like it TV I will just lose interest in it. Youtube and Facebook are not that big of a deal to me.

Exactly correct on the first part and I don't do much Youtube and Facebook should be against the law anyway!!

Still, it would be totally wrong to charge for it.
The Firefox alternative.


reply to wifi4milez
said by wifi4milez:

I had never actually heard of Godwin's 'law' until now, but it is so very true (especially on this site!). I especially like the etiquette surrounding what to do when someone breaks this 'law'.

"there is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically "lost" whatever debate was in progress."

First of all... how the hell have you never heard of Godwin's law?
I'd welcome you to the internet but your join date suggests you've been here for a while.

Secondly, no one actually follows that retarded etiquette. Try pulling that shit and see what happens.
said by Metatron2008:

But people who download thousands of movies and games.... Yes, they are as bad as any murderer

Expand your moderator at work


Aptos, CA
reply to sapo

Re: The highest appeal

said by sapo:

The freedom and unrestricted nature of the internet is why I use it. Once you make tiers that make like it TV I will just lose interest in it. Youtube and Facebook are not that big of a deal to me.

What this does to Facebook is amazing ("this" being content discrimination in data pipe companies):

Suddenly, everything anybody would ever want to do with Facebook, whether Facebook wants it or not, will be demanded of Facebook, since people wouldn't be able to just do it anywhere (forced to use Facebook). Facebook would AOLify, trying to be something to everyone, but even more so since carriers would REQUIRE you to use Facebook, whereas in theory you could STOP using AOL if you just canceled your credit card or bank account and stopped paying the credit card/bank account. The pressure on Facebook would be enormous. As soon as Facebook says "but we can do what we want", the users would dump the carriers to something that can do what the users want, and the carriers would bring big guns to Facebook to say "hey do what the users want, and damn your standards or individuality or desires for your site". The outcome would either be a watered-down weak Facebook, or the carriers would become more fractured when they start shutting out Facebook to choose their own systems. Either way, users would get 80% of what they want and 70% of what they need minimum, if not more. It would be screwed up, but it would not be exactly what the content-restricting types of entities want. Finally, all the control-types would find out that every ounce of control they attempt to put on it would bang back with tons of pressure.

Oh, they can do it. But the outcome would basically be to bankrupt the places doing it, or to overthrow the governments doing it, or both. In fact, if you want to tank a company or government, this would be one of the easy ways to do it. It would take a few decades, but it would not fail to tank them. But, they could be replaced with something that you don't want. Like a company that responds to the market, or a government that is for and by the people.