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Rogue Wolf
Mourns the Loss of lilhurricane

Troy, NY

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Re: All I want for xmas....

That would relegate your ISP to being a "dumb pipe", which is every major ISP's worst nightmare. ISPs want control- so that they can monetize (read: sell to the highest bidder) everything about your time online, partner with (read: extort) content sites to avoid caps or charges, and then use this money to lobby (read: bribe) government officials to help them stamp out competition and water down regulations so that you have no other place to go to for Internet connectivity and no recourse to prevent abuse.

In short: In their perfect world, either you let them snap the collar around your neck, or you do without the Internet and everything it offers. And with how interconnected everything is via the Internet these days, doing without is a rather extreme sacrifice.
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Limestone, ME
·Pioneer Wireless

My ISP is a dumb pipe... And I LOVE it... I can get a faster connection from Time Warner. but my "Dumb" pipe is the best Internet service I've ever had.

It's NEVER been down, It's always consistent, and it always works...

no throttling, no "network management" no "value added services"

I'd rather pay more for a quality dumb pipe than for anything else...

I'll use the pipe as I see fit, that's what I pay for...

Stargate Universe fan

It seems naiive to claim your Internet connection has never been down, unless you've only had it say a couple of months. All telecomm connections experience downtime; it's just a matter of how much/little.

But by and large, I would agree...I want my vendor (currently Time-Warner/Roadrunner) to get me to/from the rest of the vendors (Level3, AT&T, Verizon, BT, NTT, etc.), agnostic of everything (protocol, address, etc.) except for RFC1918 addresses (shouldn't allow them out or feed them to me) and DSCP (if I set the bit(s) for low delay (for VoIP for example), I want that respected,and have those packets prioritized).
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Limestone, ME

I've had this connection for 2.5 years. It's entirely possible that it's been down. If so it's never been during active usage.

Orange, CA
reply to Rogue Wolf

said by Rogue Wolf:

That would relegate your ISP to being a "dumb pipe", which is every major ISP's worst nightmare.

Be that as it may, all I want IS a dumb pipe. One that isn't going to cost me any extra money then what I pay monthly for said pipe.
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