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Sugar Land, TX
reply to jcremin

Re: They're not asking the right question.

said by jcremin:

said by morph69:

I am a heavy data user. Live near the central office. have instead decided to use a third party reseller of bell dsl services at a simple 3 meg connection with no limits as opposed to bells faster speeds and capped service.

And I think that could very well be the way of the future... Slower unlimited speeds, or faster capped speeds. That way those who want stuff really fast right now can get it, but they can't do it all the time. And those who want to use their connection a lot, but don't need to download in faster than real-time can do that too.

The next few years will be interesting.

Yeah, sure. While now we have slower and faster speeds all CAPPED. I am sure we will see an improvement "real soon now" (TM).