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I highly disagree with this. What makes the internet the internet is the ability to access any server or network around the world at any time you want. I don't disagree with Comcast's 250GB cap, but if they were to put more "caps", I would feel I'm getting screwed. To think that they can control access to what content you get almost seems communist in a way. If you go over to a friend's house and want to use the internet, you shouldn't be limited to whatever service he's subscribed to and only have access to certain websites. You should have access to everything, and what should determine the price is the speed. If my ISP charged extra for YouTube, I would drop YouTube, because I don't use it that much.

What's going on here is greed. Websites and internet companies (as well as other companies *cough*Best Buy*cough*) are foaming at the mouth to get more money, and going against what is natural and logical just to gain more.

Unfortunately, in our society, money has taken over, and has gotten in the way of morals, common sense, and ethics.