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reply to Kamus

Re: The Consumer is in Charge

said by Kamus :

Does anyone else here think that ISP's are simply trying to delay the inevitable?

Sure, they might get away with this crap for a while, and actually delay the demise of stupid data plans such as the examples given here, and a world where we need to pay for "voice" and "TV" from these people.

But if it's really true that the cost of bandwidth for backbones halves every 9 months, and will continue to do so for a while... they're just doomed.
At some point it will get cheap enough so that new players enter the arena, and offer compelling data only flat rates.

I mean, if it wasn't for the "last mile" problem, we could already take advantage of all this unused bandwidth.
So i guess what we need is for prices to drop for "last mile" deployment a lot more before we can take advantage of all the bandwidth they'd rather never have us get.

Wireless of course is a different story altogether, and it looks like a billionaire only business for quite some time.

But really, is it hard to imagine a 10 bucks 1 gigabit wired connections by 2020 if prices keep dropping like a rock?

I'm interested to know people's opinions about this subject. Because i'm a bit optimistic on the future of the internet. I think that once prices come down enough, we could very well see a surge of new ways to connect to that network that our current last mile land lords won't give us access to.

I dare say, that these monopolies will come crumbling down once bandwidth gets cheap enough.

i'm not optimistic at all. until all these monopolies of ISP's are gone, prices will never go down nor will they feel the need to expand or upgrade their networks