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Mineral Point, PA

Business Line Quality, Connectivity, and Speed Monitoring

I'm either looking for a company or possibly software that can, in detail, monitor a business internet connection. Currently, I use some tools based on pings, and that works, to an extent. My issue is that at times, my connections in and out drop for several seconds. I also have connections to other locations, and I have been able to prove that it is not in my equipment. The problem is that this is time consuming, and pings and trace routes can't tell me everything. Especially when I'm not in front of the computer when the connection drops. The other item is that I am not always getting my guaranteed bandwidth. Tracing where the problem is with that has proven much more difficult as it happens for a while and then everything is back to normal. Much of what I have seen on the internet that's a paid for service, sends out a ping a few times every hour. That really doesn't help much when it say 10 seconds in 120 minutes that drops. This happens enough that it is getting extremely annoying and the provider is of no help. Until I can prove it is in their system, they say it is in our equipment. When I have proven it to be in theirs, I get the ..."oh yea there is a problem" and it's fixed for a while. Any suggestions for companies that may provide something? Any suggestions for a software package that could really monitor connections, much more than sending pings, that could provide great detail when the connection drops?

Lightning Bolt

Auburn Hills, MI
Although not an answer to your question, what type of connection do you have? The reason I ask, even if you invest time, and money to answer your above questions, unless you have a high end service (ds3 or above), depending on what your SLA states, your ISP may not care.

Also, if the issue is outside your ISP's network, IE a backbone provider, again, it would be out of your ISP's hands.

Taking your 10 seconds in a 120 minute span example, even if that happened every 120 minutes, which It sounds like it is more random. But for example proposes, you are only talking about a total of 2 minutes of down time every 24 hours, or 99.86% up time, which although is annoying, probably comes close to meeting your SLA.

So in short, what type of service do you have, and what does your SLA state? My point is, it may be a better use of your time to find another ISP option, then to try and bang your hand against the wall with your current provider.
Lightning Bolt Technologies