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the phone/cable companies are full of somethin'!

Back when I was still willing to work and do buisness with at&t, I couldn't believe they were doing this net nutrality bru hah-hah. Sounds to me like a bunch or horse hockey!

wait a minute, you want the companies that use your network, and ALL goto real popular sites, to pay more for the privilage of accessing those customers?

Don't they already pay to access the Internet?

I remember back in the day ... installing web caches in Pacific Bell's network.
You wouldn't think customers in VERY affluent areas of California would prefer farm-sex.com! huh ...
So does farm-sex.com pay more for access to the Internet? They already pay out the nose for all the bandwidth, and the phone/cable companies are getting money to connect the pacbell customers to the Internet? Kinda sounds like double dippin', and they want a third dip.

Maybe I'm wrong, but sounds to me like the phone/cable companies are full of somethin' and still asking for more via enema?