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Etobicoke, ON

[TV] PVR box, no picture or sound, but guide works


My older 5400(or whatever series) boxes in the rest of the house work fine.

My new PVR HD won't show the tv show or sound. Only the guide works and the settings, etc. Change the channel and the screen either is BLACK, or says 'tuning channel' or says the channel is unavailable.

It was like this all day yesterday and mysteriously worked last night. But this morning it is the black screen of death again!

I have unplugged it and allowed it to reboot, and no changes.
Tried pressing POWER at the same time I re-plug it in, and still doesn't work.

What the heck? I certainly don't want to sit on the phone for 2 hours waiting on hold with ROGERS!!!

Thanks for any help!

New Hamburg, ON
I have a same issue happening with my 8642HD PVR. But when I unplug it and wait 30 secs then plug it back in then it works.

reply to JonathonHigg
JonathonHigg, you might want to read through the Rogers 8300HD thread at Digital Home Canada. There are a number of things you can check. All covered there many times.
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Mr. Wireless

check the signal and snr strengths.

reply to JonathonHigg
2 Hours on hold?

I called yesterday for a issue with my box and got through in under 30secs. Not sure what this 2 hours is all about.


Etobicoke, ON
Sorry, it was 2 hours on the phone with them about poor cell service....2 hours on the phone about an address change...2 hours on the phone about poor internet service.....I can go on....

Tonight it was about 5 mins to get through about a cable problem.

Strange enough, he said my signal to my box was weak. He was able to get me a crappy signal. So a tech is coming out tomorrow night.

Still doesn't explain why my programs that were PRE-recorded last week wouldn't work....what does the PVR have to do with a week signal???


Mississauga, ON
PVRs are designed to work only at registered location ergo they will not work without "signal" -- bidirectional connection to head end.
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