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two user accounts - one PC - need to display two screennames

Hi, my parents still use aol desktop (they have a local isp which works fine) for managing mail, contacts, Internet favs, etc. no biggie. but I had to create two Windows user accounts on their PC because of PC issues in the past. and mom and dad want separate user accounts to maintain favs, their own emails, etc.

my question:
user 1 = mom - when she is in her Windows profile and brings up aol, her screenname displays (correct). she selects it and can get to her aol desktop and it displays her as logged in.

now I log her off her Windows profile.

log in user 2 = dad to his Windows profile
dad brings up aol desktop
dad goes to sign in
dad only sees moms aol screenname and Guest - he can sign in as Guest and get to all his email, favs, etc and it displays his correct screenname

Problem is at the aol desktop login it only displays moms screenname and Guest. I need to get it configured to where when he is logged in to his windows accout he sees his aol screenname in the dropdown (moms is already there with guest). I would prefer both to display under each Windows profile but will settle for dad seeing his screenname when he is logged in and then mom to see her screenname when she is logged in.

any suggestions? I tried "Manage screennames" but it doesn't allow me to add dads in a way that will allow his to be listed with moms at the login prompt.