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Se5940 ports sleeping?

ok first I have check this and it is not my network card or switch that is sleeping as I can ping from one Private IPO to another and it is not my firewall as I can access all from servers that have more activity...
Here is the issues It seems that if I have a server that is not active on the Internet site for more then say 10 minutes or so the Public Ip from the router goes to sleep....

I have established this by pinging from one of my other Public networks using ping -t and after about 12-30 attempts it come back to life.

If I setup IP monitor on an outside network and have it monitor the ping port every 60 sec. it stays up and alive.

I have heard of some green routers doing this. I have spoken with my provider who will not allow me access to the router unless I no longer want support from them and they say there is no reason for it to sleep... (I think there incorrect here)

I have bought another identical router to setup and login after reset to test with so U need help in 2 areas.

1.) does anyone know of this happening? and is there a solution?

2.1) can some one tell me after I reset the router can i connect via a cat5 or must I have the default db9 plug and A.)if a cat5 do I just surf to » with my nic set to with user=admin pwd=Admin ?

b.) if i can use a standard db9 after reset what do i connect with? telnet? web browser? or hyper terminal? and can i get help just using a help command at the prompt?

Thanks for the help I hope I was not to vague here.

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There isn't any sleep feature in the 5940. You have something else dropping connectivity.

More info here:

»Siemens SE5940 Router
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