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reply to timerider2

Re: How to switch from Shaw to Telus

said by timerider2:

WOW I keep seeing some unbelievable prices on TELUS services, are these to good to be true or require some kind of special negotiating ability. I am phoning tomorrow to switch from SHAW to TELUS internet and I'm really nervous about this kind of stuff. It sounds like if you know what to say you get great deals and if you don't you get no deal. I just checked my TELUS phone bill and I pay $44 a month, lower down it says "Smart Home Bundle - 3 Pack $38.34", am I already way overpaying because I've never phoned to say, "hey can I get a better deal". I am really dreading having to try to say the right things to get the best deal, does anyone have any tips I'm freaking out here. I am not interested in TV and just want to get the 15mbps Turbo and my home phone with call display/voicemail.

You are the perfect candidate for getting the good pricing, because you are already a Telus customer. Phone and tell them you received a Shaw offer for Digital Phone $14.95, and what they will do to keep you. They will most likely transfer you to the loyalty department. Negotiate the best price you can for the phone (make sure to ask whether there are monthly administrative charges for long distance, which is a rip-off).

After that, ask what they will offer you to have Internet. If you are currently on Shaw Extreme, the equivalent package is High Speed Turbo. You should get first month free, and $23 for the next 11 months, and $45 thereafter. Make sure to ask them whether the modem rental is included (it should be), and that you are not locked into a contract.

If they don't transfer you to the loyal department, phone back and talk to another rep. Let us know how it works out. Even if there is no cost savings, I would still cancel Shaw out of principle.

[Edit] If they ask you for details, tell them the Shaw letter saids $14.95 for the Shaw Home Phone Basic which has no cost Shaw to Shaw calling even long-distance, call display, and 4 cents per minute in North America and 50 other countries. The promotion code is 619.


Thanks Roofer, I'm nervous but I'm gonna bite the bullet and follow your advise to the letter. I should sue SHAW for all the stress I've been through over the cap/overcharging issue. Wish me luck everybody, hopefully reporting back with my experience will make it easier for other SHAW people to make the switch.