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East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS

Update on FIOS

Well I called Verizon and they made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

$104 + tax -> FIOS ultimate TV (250+ chan), 25/25 Internet, FIOS Dig phone, 1 HD box, 1 Multiroom DVR 1 year, NO Contract

My wife will be happy for having cable for first time in 2 years (i could care less), however 25/25 is my siren song. Looking forward to the install in 2 weeks.

8 years w/ Adelphia/TWC and they actually raised my bill $3 when I called to ask them if they had any similar packages. We have docsis 3 here, but man its expensive and it is capped at 5Mbit uploads - CRAP. The rep was from Rochester (close to me) and she said that the people downstate get the better deals, which is essentially admitting that TWC uses discriminatory pricing, which pi$$ed me off even more. So I know my peeps in NYC don't have FIOS on their doorstep but I do, so that seems even more arrogant and foolish.

Jokingly TWC sent me a package about signature home which is from what I can gather a few DVRs, wideband (50/5), and phone w/ some features, and customer service that installs without you having to be there all day for the economy price of $199.

It was sort of funny because part of the marketing pitch is "priority reservations made according to your schedule" meaning that for the other 99% of the people is that tough luck we will get there when we want. Paramount in customer service.

On my block only myself and my next door neighbor still have TWC (all the rest have FIOS) and in 2 weeks it will be one. I told my neighbor the deal I got and they couldn't believe it but maybe I can pitch the block as TWC free in 2011. I guess thats why my link never has any issues

Seriously I don't dislike TWC, however their CS didn't even try to keep me after being a customer for 8 years. If that's the relationship they want to have with their customers, they are going to keep hemorrhaging customers until they start feeling it. I mean I know they love content, but without nobody to pipe it too,,, thats a problem.
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