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Helena, MT

Cablevision bought Bresnan, whats your take good/neutral/bad

Cablevision bought Bresnan, whats your take, good/neutral/bad.

Do you think we are in for better times or about the same or do you think things will go downhill. I know nothing about Cablevision.

Powell, WY
I don't know much about Cablevision other than what appears on the front page of DSLR. I did do a brief amount of research on service level comparisons, though. I for one hope that they keep to what I have heard and do a full D3 deployment in existing Bresnan markets while beefing up the backhauls as well. As far as TV programming I am not real sure what to expect. in OTT land Cablevision did have that dispute with Hulu (or was it Fox which thus affected Hulu?) where Hulu blocked all Cablevision customers from watching Fox content if memory serves...

From my perspective as a customer in Butte it is business as usual in Bresnan land, same mediocre service as I have had for the past year and a half. Maybe I am being overly optimistic on the buyout? Qwest also got bought out by CenturyTel as well so that will be interesting to see how things on both fronts proceed from here on out. Qwest and Bresnan are direct competitors in most markets for phone and internet and it seems that CenturyTel has a vested interest in IPTV as well so will have competition from most fronts in some (most?) markets.

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Helena, MT
reply to nate2073
They seem to have a good bbb report which is encouraging

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Helena, MT
reply to nate2073
Looks like Cablevision is an unknown at this point. Hopefully well get good service from them.

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Billings, MT
reply to nate2073
Me, I don't have a problem with the CableVision buyout.

The thing I do have a problem with is the CEO selling out immediately after Bill died. I'd be investigating on why he's trying to get out when the company is growing at a decent rate.

It'd piss me off if I owned a well known and run company then having the next CEO sell it off immediately after I pass away. I'd have my family (which would be in actual full control over the company) ask him why and detailed reasons on why he's trying to escape. Then question his motive for actually being a CEO at our company in the first place.
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Helena, MT
reply to nate2073
Cablevision is first class, and well known for that fact. They're THE BEST in the industry. I was so excited when I heard it. James Dolan and Bill Bresnan were friends - both old-time New York cable guys, and my understanding is that Dolan's purchase of Bresnan was more of a friend thing than a money thing. Granted, Dolan sees it as a good investment. But it was a friend's business.

Cablevision is known for high speeds, excellent customer service, and top-notch all around service. No, I don't work for either company. Some of the companies bidding on Bresnan were not. We got REALLY lucky. Good things are coming

Now, as for why Bresnan sold - simple - the family wanted out. Bresnan Communications was Bill's pet project. He died, the estate got out. Simple.