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Got Slack?

Charleston, SC

A REAL solution to Spam

I've been using this for about six months now, and I never get spam on legit e-mail addresses.


Their servers are slow, but the service is free. What you do is create a new e-mail for everything you sign up for. I have about 60 e-mail addresses now. One for each web site I sign up for. If one of those address starts to produce spam, I have the choice of either filtering based on address, or removing the e-mail address. I've never had to do that. Plus, if you do start to get spam at an address, you can question the person you gave the address too since that's the only person who's ever had it. I'm not sure if it's had any effect yet, but people might start to respect @sneakemail.com addresses after they've been called on their sharing of addresses.

Anyway, check it out if you want to rid yourself of spam. Their web servers are slow, but they seem to have dealt with the e-mail delays I was seeing many months ago.

This doesn't really help you if you post an address for a harvesting robot to pick up, but I suppose you could create one even for that and when the spam gets unbearable, you can delete the address.