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Leesburg, VA

My justin.tv rant

So . . . I started visiting the site on a semi-regular basis a few months ago.
I'm not a broadcaster or uploader, I just enjoy watching the occasional movie online.

It's a funky site, with channels pretty regularly going offline or being pulled, no kind of schedule that I ever saw where you could look up what was going to play when & where, and a bunch of Facebook chatter constantly streaming in a box frame, so that I always had to watch in full screen to get that garbage out of my sight line.

Well, okay, fine, whatever. Like I say, I knew it was a funky site.
Now I can't use the site at all.

That is, I can use the site, but as of a couple of days ago only if I'm willing to turn off Adblock Plus in Firefox for justin.tv.
I'm actually willing to do that. If they feel I need to view an occasional ad interrupting the move as part of my "viewing experience", then so be it. I don't really like the idea, but I can live with it.

What I cannot live with is the way they choose to present those ads-- by having them dance around on the screen while I'm watching the movie.
Turn AdBlock Plus back on, and it's 'no stream for you'.

Maybe they break into the movie in a normal fashion for a commercial every ten minutes or so too, I don't know. I didn't stick around long enough to find out.

Unbelievable. Absolutely un-freaking-believable.

Goodbye, justin.tv. It was nice knowing you. You actually had a pretty good thing going there for a while. Not anymore.
Adios, and I won't be back other than to occasionally check in over the next few weeks to see if perhaps you've come to your senses in some way.

Dancing ads constantly popping up every minute or so in front of the movie I'm watching.
Un . . friggin' . . believable.

I only hope they see their viewership and membership drop off the table.


Ya this sucks. I just noticed it today. Adblock Plus no longer does its job (on jtv). Tried refreshing, doing the go back a page then forward trick no help. Ifs its like this to stay, I'm out too.
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Leesburg, VA
reply to jtv

Re: My justin.tv rant

Well, it appears they have come to their senses.

I tried the site last night for the first time since my original post, and just now tried it again.
Both times, the site was back to working as it had for the months previous-- AdBlock Plus enabled, yet still there was streaming video to be seen. Nor was my viewing interrupted or interfered with by any ads of any type.

Good for them.
Hopefully, it stays this way.