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Los Angeles, CA

Covad T1 outage

T1 has been down since December 22 - getting run around from Covad - after first blaming VOIP provider (trying to anyway) now getting updates from Blackhole@covad.net - which are indeed coming from Blackhole of Calcutta as they are simply a cut and paste of previous emails - occasionally a new one but then back to all the previous ones. Anyone else?



Re: Covad T1 outage / ATT Outage

There is a massive outage in California that has been completely underreported.
Thousands of customers using T1 lines through XO and other carriers have had a complete outage since Sunday the 19th.
What all these T1 lines have in common is that they all run through AT&T / Verizon. Even though you think Covad is your carrier, the local exchange carrier is Verizion / AT&T and they are responsible for the outage.
They continue to blame the 'dangerous weather conditions' in the area for the lack of repair, even though it's been mostly sunny in southern california since last Tuesday.
Lots of ass covering going on with this one.


Los Angeles, CA
so up on Dec 28 after 6 days and down again on Jan 31
can't get the same tech on the line twice - Blackhole@covad.net based in India is lecturing me on heavy rains and Force Majeure. Tech support does not get updates from Blackhole. Some techs commserate on the idiocy of Blackhole others claim they know nothing about it
I realize AT&T has put all it's money in wireless and I-Phone technology and trying to con the public into U-verse at the expense of their infrastructure - but COVAD customer support is just as bad!