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Closer to believing
Wayne, NJ

TWCHD-Weather on the 8's voice

I'm not too sure where to post this one, but I figured this may be the best place since Cablevision just started this. Me and my wife are having a disagreement: since the HD feed of the Weather channel's Weather on the 8's was initiated we noticed it's different from the SD feed. She's convinced the HD's voice is TWC's Jim Cantore, but I can't see the channel using one of its A-list stars to use his time to record dozens of blurbs for local forecasts, regardless if they're used for multiple areas around the country.
A clock unwinds, a flower dies...


Lake Hopatcong, NJ
Indeed, when they released Intellistar II to finally have true Local on the 8's on their HD feed, it is indeed Jim Cantore voicing the HD feed with it.


Yes its Jim Cantore. I doubt he narrates it every time they issue it though. Most likely he has pre-recorded all possible words in a database and then it is "stiched" together somehow into a coherent sentence for the viewers. Incidentally, I dont like the HD Local forecast as much as the SD Version. The level of detail is not the same.


New York, NY
Yes, they record all the various snippets and "stitch" them together. I wonder why they didn't use the same voice tracks on HD as they use on SD. And I actually kind of like the new HD local format.