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New York
reply to nklb

HOW!!! my hotmail.com mail was taken!!!

I opened a fresh new hotmail account and was extremely careful with it. Only a few of my friends had that e-mail address. And I never used it to register anywhere...

And then a few weeks afterwards I began receiving SPAM!!!

How could that be!? It might very well that someone working at hotmal.com sneaked it out!?

Thanks for helping...

Ann Arbor, MI
yeah, there are so many hotmail accounts that people (spammers) run programs that spam every hotmail account (a-z, aa-zz, aaa-zzz, etc...)

This could be an interesting test. create a 3-letter hotmail account and a 7 letter account. see how long it takes each to get spam.


I have a 14 character login at Hotmail that has never been spammed. The ones that are less that 7 characters have all received spam. I would attribute this to a sqequential attack as was described earlier.


Hopkinton, MA
reply to nklb

Alternative SPAM trap

An alternative method, *** IF ***, you own your own domain name that has email.

Provide a unique "name" (to each and every?) contact you provide an email name. Say, amazon@mydomain.com, dslreports@mydomain.com, cnn@mydomain.com, yahoo@mydomain.com ...

Then, if email arrives from other than the original contact, you will know where the leak was.
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Mmm... Donuts

Friendswood, TX
I do this too. I currently have about 25 email addresses killed because of all the ass40L3 companies that sold the addresses. This would include nfl.com, mlb.com, many more. I do it exactly like you say.

The spam tips off who sold it, at which time I begin forwarding that entire email address to the CEO of the company that sold it, or the support email address.
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Hopkinton, MA
Ahh, forwarding it to the CEO.

Now That's Cool!

OTOH, "an eye for an eye and pretty soon the whole world will be blind" - an email for an email ... now where's that gonna' lead? ;(
Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all other forms of government. - Winston Churchill


Arlington, TX
reply to nekote
I use this method too, every time I need to fill out an e-mail address I make up one on the spot, but I take it a step further, for my personal friends I also group my e-mail messages telling different groups of my personal friends and family different addresses as well, this way if I even get spammed at one of these for some unknown reason (like if one of them fw's me a message along with dozens of other people, I HATE it when that happens) I just kill that address too and only have to tell a few friends a new address. It's a great way to keep the spam down.

In response to the replies, hmm, I never thought about fwing it back to the company that sold my e-mail address, how clever.