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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to jupiter837

Re: Lame to say the least...

They also got pretty specific as to what it would be:

Under this Comcast Broadband Opportunity Program (“CBOP”), each eligible
participating family will:

1. Receive the Economy version of our High-Speed Internet Service for $9.95 a month –
a rate for which the household will qualify so long as it meets the “eligibility
criteria” below;
2. Pay no installation or modem charges or fees (although we may use our self-install
3. Be eligible for one piece of pre-configured, quality computer equipment (which may
include rebuilt PCs, netbooks, or other devices
) for less than $150 (the equipment
will be sold to the customer by a third-party vendor-partner of Comcast’s, with
Comcast providing any subsidy required to bring the equipment cost below $150).
4. Have access to web-based, print, and classroom-based training programs, provided
in partnership with One Economy and other current and future Comcast community
partners in our digital literacy efforts, including Boys and Girls Clubs, and Urban
League and National Council of La Raza affiliate organizations. Comcast will create
and fund these programs (although we may seek Foundation and other funds to
defray these costs).

So I'm guessing that they may partner with some recycling firm and offer older PCs or maybe get low cost netbooks for low income households. It really isn't hard to get a basic $150 computer even if it is a couple of years old. A pentium 4 or older core 2 duo running Linux is plenty for basic websurfing and email.

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT
said by fifty nine:

A pentium 4 or older core 2 duo running Linux is plenty for basic websurfing and email.

Actually, a P4 is rather decent on the 'net and even an older C2D is rather impressive. You can do it with a P3, but you're really pushing it (Flash Content, Java, etc).

Not everyone needs an i3 or newer. A C2D (and even my Pentium E5200) can handle the 'net with ease. My wife's Athlon64 2GHz (single core) doesn't have a problem, either.

I would suggest at least 512MB of Memory and Windows XP, though. That should be easy enough to come up with.
Bresnan 18M/1M
MyWS[E5200@3.75GHz,4GB RAM,2x1TB HDDs,Win7]
WifeWS[A64@2GHz,2GB RAM,120GB HDD,Win7]
Router[2xP3@1GHz,512MB RAM,18GB HDD,SMC 8432BTA,2xDigital DE504,Compaq NC3131,Intel Pro/1000MT,IBM Gigabit Ethernet-SX,Allied Telesyn AT2560FX,Gentoo Linux]

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
I think they will be using a Microsoft OS since they are bundling it with Norton.

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT
Norton? Ewww..

I dumped Norton 4 years ago (ever since it allowed a worm to nail my workstation without stopping it). I switched to ESET IS and haven't had issues since.


Cortland, NY
reply to Simba7
10 bucks for 384K up and 1.5Mbit down isn't bad either.

Grinnell, IA
Comcast should copy what Medicom has which is 3mb/256 and have it be for $10 well it can be...


Cortland, NY
Time Warner's 128/768 is 34.99 a month.....Suddenly Comcast doesn't look so bad.


reply to fifty nine
Yeah, cuz everyone is willing to utilize Linux RIGHT?, although i think its become d even more user friendly than windows has.