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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to Really

Re: Lame to say the least...

said by Really :

If Comcast is planning on offering low cost computers....then they didn't mention that to the service techs that will be dealing with those. Rumors are based on speculation and hearsay you know.

They are going to do the computer part of it with a third party partner, not Comcast techs. They are also going to use charity orgs and community groups to provide training:

Be eligible for one piece of pre-configured, quality computer equipment (which may
include rebuilt PCs, netbooks, or other devices) for less than $150 (the equipment
will be sold to the customer by a third-party vendor-partner of Comcast’s, with
Comcast providing any subsidy required to bring the equipment cost below $150
4. Have access to web-based, print, and classroom-based training programs, provided
in partnership with One Economy and other current and future Comcast community
partners in our digital literacy efforts, including Boys and Girls Clubs, and Urban
League and National Council of La Raza affiliate organizations.
Comcast will create
and fund these programs (although we may seek Foundation and other funds to
defray these costs).


Several computer training and support options will be offered. At the time of installation,
each participating household will received basic instructional materials and a phone number for
a dedicated support desk. The computer equipment will be pre-configured with a “wizard” to
facilitate e-mail set-ups and the setting of parental controls. Shortcuts to “getting started”
tutorials will appear on the desktop. Each piece of equipment will ship with Norton security preinstalled. Comcast and its partner organizations will offer “training days” at NSLPparticipating schools in Comcast’s service areas, as well as at instruction facilities operated by
our community partners.