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U-verse Internet 12.0 Mbps self install

After reading the post on U-verse Internet 12.0 Mbps self install with discounts deal when ordered through a AT&T store, and not seeing the same deal on-line, I went ahead and called my local store. The rep that picked up the call confirmed the $29.99 for 12 months then $45 thereafter, with the $100 coupon rebate deal. I presently have the Bellsouth 3.0 DSL.

I went down to the store, and after a short wait discussed my desire to order the self install U-verse 12.0 Mbps internet only deal with the discounts, well I got that glassy eye look from the rep, and he went to the store manager, upon his return he informed me that the manager will provide me with a onetime credit of $180.00 instead and that the credit will show up when I receive my bill along with the $100 modem rebate, and no other fees.

So the rep went ahead and process the order and printed out the form. The rep then wrote by hand across in the promotion area of the form “One time Credit $180.00”. Upon reviewing the order form further, I notice that there was a service activation fee of $29.00, and mention it to the rep. The rep then wrote next to the amount “waive”.

When I got home and upon checking my E-mail, I received a confirmation on my order. I clicked on the ordered item summary and it showed the onetime $100.00 charge for the internet gateway, and the $29.00 service activation fee, with the $45.00 monthly charge. There was no listing showing any type of credits as committed to by the rep, and as shown on my copy of the order.

Now, can anyone tell me will these credits show up after 30 days of service, or on my second invoice?

Also, the self installation/activation date is January 3rd 2011 after 8 pm. So I’ll report on how it went.


Okay guys, just received the kit today, it was shipped UPS 2 day air. My activation date is set for 1/3/2011 after 8 PM. In checking the contents of the kit, I did not find the promised $100 coupon rebate for the Modem.

Still do not see any auto credit on the pending invoice per AT&T salesmans statement, and what he wrote on the order document.

I wonder is this the initial Uverse phase of being burnt (to put it nicely) by AT&T?

Mchenry, IL
You won't get any rebate right away. It can take 4-6 weeks to get the rebate. The other part the sales guy promised I'd go back to the sales person.


reply to FLDelta
I ordered my 12M service over the phone and the email order confirmation I received was similar, with $100 charge for the internet gateway and a $45 monthly fee and no mention of any of the discounts I was given by the phone rep. Having dealt with a similar billing issue during a brief stint with AT&T DSL, the credits did come through in my first few bills and it worked out in the end, but I did have to make 3 or 4 phone calls and stay on top of the billing dept.

I hope both of our uverse billing experiences are better than that.

You Knew The Job Was Dangerous

Riverside, CA
reply to FLDelta
I ordered at a ATT store and the manager gave me a DSL rebate form that after him doing research said they just use that form. I have mine hanging right next to me ready to fill out. If you want a copy let me know. not sure it is the right form..anyone know if it is?


Thank you Home Chicken, it is Interesting that it was a DSL rebate form that they gave you. I plan to go back to the store sometime next week after the holidays. Ill take you up on that offer if I cannot get a form from the store. Meanwhile, I just wonder are the AT&T stores doing these discounts just for their business, or is this discount available as a norm?


reply to FLDelta
Follow-up on the U-verse Internet self installation:

AT&T rep came by on install day, and did his thing in setting up the transfer from DSL to U-Verse; He actually cleaned up the routing wire bundle at the side of the house, and replaced the NID box with a newer style. The rep did a nice job, it looks very professional.

Since I had a separate twisted pair that was installed several years ago that connected directly to the DSL modem (no need for filters for the POPs line), that same twisted pair now connects to the RG.

I am getting 11.2 to 11.4 downstream speeds, and 1.2 to 1.3 upstream. I am about about 1400 feet from the VRAD.

Updating of the RG went quick, and the on-line registration process was uneventful with my existing login and password.

Looked into the billing section of my account, and I am not seeing any charges, or for that matter no credits either at the present time, but I am expecting it to show up soon with credits (I hope).

The rep was surprise that I was not also shipped a backup UPS; I guess it’s because I didn’t order voice. I explain to him since receiving notice that my landline telephone/DSL bundle credit was being phased out, and DSL speeds were dropping for no reason in which AT&T could not explained why, I elected to try U-verse internet, and since U-verse has no true bundle credits either with voice either, I plan to cancel my POPs line and just use Vonage. Vonage has unlimited calls to many countries of which the one I call is included.

I continued with the installation, and connected both my file/print servers, Vonage modem, wireless setups for my laptops and Blue-ray player for Netflix service.

Everything is running well, looking for the credits.

Apple... YUM
Cleveland, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
You may have to check one or both of these web sites for your rebate.


Good to hear that your install went well and that your speeds are very close to your expectations.


reply to FLDelta
Update on U-verse 12.0 Mbps Max internet self install:

Upon receiving and reviewing my first invoice, there was no issuance of credits listed as committed to by the AT&T mobility store. I initially contacted the customer service billing department by phone, and explained the situation. I was given credit for the $29 service activation fee, and was told that I would have to go to the mobility store and talk to the manager concerning the $180 credit and RG rebate.

I went to the AT&T mobility store and explained the situation to the duty manager with the original copy of the order form as proof. After waiting about 15 minutes the manager return from his back office and gave me a copy of the $180 credit transaction. The manager apologized for the oversight.

Overall both contacts with the customer help desk and the store manager concerning the missing credits were professional and courteous.

If a five star rating system were to be used to rate the overall experience in the ordering, installation, system operation, commitments delivered. I would rate it as follows (1 star lowest rating to 5 star highest rating):

Ordering: 5 Stars (AT&T store provided a courteous professional welcoming environment throughout the ordering process with credit commitments)

Installation: 5 Stars (Professional and courteous technician in installing updated IND box, and outside wiring arrangement.)

Internet service operation: 5 Stars (Service has been rock solid with speeds as close to advertised.)

Commitments delivered: 3 Stars (I had to call, and make an additional store visit to obtain the credits. The rebate form for the RG was never sent with the self installation kit, and the store did not have any.)

In conclusion, I would recommend to anyone contemplating ordering a self install U-verse 12.0 Mbps Max internet service, to go to your local AT&T mobility store to place your order instead of doing it on-line, making sure that all credit commitments are listed with manager approval on your order form. Make note of both the manager and salespersons’ name on the order form.

I hope this helps.