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Siren, WI
reply to megarock

Re: Hey TW...

said by megarock:

Just CUT THEM OFF and then tell them to go blow a goat. Tell your customers you're doing it to keep prices right for them and they will understand. A FREE OVER THE AIR BROADCAST should not be paid for because IT ALREADY IS BY AD REVENUE and by the cable operator carrying that signal it can only help penetrate more homes. Cut them off, the advertisers will then see there are less people viewing their ads and cut payment to Sinclair and they will cave.

Simple economics. It's a free signal and doesn't cost the broadcast channel a penny more for it to be retransmitted. Stop paying them and CUT THEM OFF.

Agreed. The broadcast companies are doing the cable companies a favor by providing content, but the cable companies are doing the broadcast companies a favor by expanding their footprint and giving them move viewers. They should call it a wash and neither should pay each other anything.

The only problem with the "cut them off for the customers" solution is that the customers are never happy and will be more pissed about losing channels and demanding lower rates, rather than keeping the channels and paying slightly higher rates. Most customers are just never happy, whether something is done for their own good or not. It's a lose-lose situation either way.