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reply to ImFixingIt

Re: This is easy.

The problem with spam that I have experienced is this:

I have a service that provides short urls to people, and when an abusive user signs up and spams that address out in thousands of e-mails I get the blame. For example, they send out spam saying go here for more information and the domain is theirname.n2v.net. N2V.net gets blamed for the spammers actions. I now moderate all new accounts to keep this to a minimum, however it is impossible really.

What about the web hosts out there? People try and sue innocent web hosts where the spammer signed up with them instantly through false credit card information, and within minutes sets up cgi scripts that mass mail thousands of people. The web host takes the blame and the spammer cannot be tracked down, and moves on to another unsuspecting web host.

This is a much larger problem for the web hosts and service providers that are too small to afford legal protection. Don’t believe me? Check out webhostingtalk.com and under the running a web hosting business section you will see hundreds of discussions over how to prevent spammers from abusing their servers.

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