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Providence, RI
reply to ImFixingIt

Re: This is easy.


I have always lived by the philosophy that if a business cannot afford to do business in the environment that exist in then they cannot afford their business and should get out.

I feel the same exact way as those 'businesses' that cannot seem to afford business connectivity solutions and abuse consumer connectivity solutions as a result. These are not businesses they are thorns resulting from someone's dreams that they cannot convince someone else to give them money to do it the 'business way'.

If someone cannot afford their own domain, their own mail servers, their, yadda, yadda, yadda, then they can't afford to run much of a business and they can ONLY survive by abusing consumer services and taking advantage of open relays and other resources to barely exist.

How far do you think you could run a new car dealership if you had nothing to show people and only could sell on orders that took 6 weeks? Abuse is abuse. If you allow someone access to your servers and they abuse it and you do nothing (either out of pity, ignorance, laziness, etc.) then you are as much at fault as the culprit to begin with.

But, unlike Comcast, you, yourself, seem to be doing something. Thus, if you can afford to police your clients' abuses then they should too.
With mistakes like me its any wonder anything gets fixed!