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Redlands, CA

T mobile :(

So I switched over to T mobile because they showed that my area was saturated with 4G towers. I signed up for the 2 year contract to get the "free" Rocket 2.0......I cant tell you how excited I was to finally be able to get "highspeed" internet access!

There is a 4G tower roughly 1.5 mi. NE of me and another roughly 3 mi.SE of me. Sounds like I should have a rock solid connection doesnt it? well I get poor signal strength, the highest I have seen at my house is 70% (3 bars) on 3G, its usually right at 50%. After several attempts of trying to remedy the poor connecton with T Mobile support, what a joke that was. They gave me conflicting information and several times I was promised a call back when they determined what the problem was, I never recieved a single call so I decided I would see what I could figure out. I thought once I got an external antenna I could solve the issue myself...not. From what I have been reading there is NO WAY to hook an external antenna to the 2.0 and the 1st version of the rocket doesnt seem to be available any longer. So unless something miraculous happens in the next day or 2 I will be sending not only my laptop stick back but my 2 phones as well, that will be a customer lost forever.....So T-Mobile why would you replace the Rocket laptop stick with the seemingly inferior Rocket 2.0? As far as I can tell the only difference's between the two modems is that the 2.0 version has a swivel and has NO port for hooking up an external antenna....seems like a waste to me. T-Mobile.....is it company policy to over exagerate 4G coverage to try and nab new customers? Is it company policy to not follow through with customers when there are service issue's? Why did I get 6 different stories from 5 different customer service reps? Is there any solution to my connection woes, or should I just move on and find service elsewhere????

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