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Eastsound, WA

Off-hours observation absolutely correct

In our area, (San Juan County, Washington), Centurylink has a monopoly. It has no need to compete and does not do so. Consequently, demand outstrips supply, as the infrastructure is inadequate. They sell 2 tiers in our county, one at "up to 10 MB/s" and another at "1.5 MB/s." I have the 10 MB/s tier and I "consistently" get sub-1 MB/sec connect speeds. It's quite pathetic and irritating. Come 1 am, I get close to 10 MB/s. The speeds are completely inadequate from around 5 pm to midnight during the week. I'd rather not talk about the weekends. And tonight at 8 pm? What do I get for my top tier "up to 10 MB/s" connect speeds? .94 MB/s. Not even 1 out of 10. Not even 10% of the "up to" advertised speeds. Let me do what centurylink cannot- prove my claims: »www.crescentbeachcomputers.com/c···Fail.jpg


Chandler, TX
Yup. Generally I'll get from .75 MB/s to 2 MB/s during primetime, but on occasion I can run multiple tests in a row @ below .5 MB/s.

It doesn't always clear up totally by 1AM but by 2AM I'll be getting close to 10 MB/s. This has been going on in this area for over 6 months now.... on the bright side, I have been able to get full credit for 2 of those 6 months. Last month (December) and now this month (January). As long as I'm "between" online games and they give me internet for free, I'll probably stick with them..


reply to crescentdave
I am also in San Juan County (on San Juan Island), but don't have any options faster than 1.5 Mbps, and CenturyLink appears to have no plans to increase availability of higher speeds. I have not been able to get 1.5 for months. Most recently, at 10:45 a.m., am clocking about .8. From what you describe buying a premium service if it was available wouldn't be worthwhile, anyway.
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