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New York, NY

SBG6580 Settings Help

My SBG6580 has so many options, and I can't find information about them anywhere. Even the help section has very basic explanations. What do I want turned on or off? Thank you.

WAN Blocking Enable
Ipsec PassThrough Enable
PPTP PassThrough Enable
Remote Config Management Enable
Multicast Enable Enable
UPnP Enable Enable
Rg PassThrough Enable
Filter Proxy Enable
Filter Cookies Enable
Filter Java Applets Enable
Filter ActiveX Enable
Filter Popup Windows Enable
Block Fragmented IP Packets Enable
Port Scan Detection Enable
IP Flood Detection Enable
Firewall Protection Enable

Speed and no latency are priorities, I have software firewall so not sure I need the hardware one.


These are described a bit here:
»broadband.custhelp.com/app/answe ··· id/20833


New York, NY
Thank you.


Los Angeles, CA
reply to Nick21
To answer the OP, this motorola has very poor documention on how to optimize this unit. I am still searching for decent documentation.

The page the guy reccomended is only for 2 pages this router has like 20 to 30 pages of options, and just because there is a checkbox doesnt mean that you need to check it.

Why would you want to filter your java script? Also this router performs faster with Ip flood detection turned off. Also it performs faster with firewall turned off.

If anyone finds any real documentation please let us know.


New York, NY
IP flood and firewall are off, I just wish I could find detailed info on what these options mean or how to optimize it. It says it's an industry grade gateway but you can't even define DNS servers, something you can do on $25 entry routers. Also no firmware updates.