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reply to ImFixingIt

Re: This is easy.

It's nearly impossible to control what people do on the Internet. Let's say that I own a web hosting company, and someone signs up for service. It looks legitimate so I approve of the account. One day later I notice 100's of spam complaints in my inbox alerting me that a user is abusing my service and to remove them. Most of the people telling me this are happy to inform me about the problem, when the other 1% figures out 100 different ways to call me an a**hole and how they're going to sue me. They should be suing the person that did the action. It's like if someone uses AOL to find a teenage girl and lure her to his apartment is AOL responsible for providing the man with the ISP account? Or what if a gun store sold a gun to a man that kills someone.

It's really a tough call to make. I mean, if you wanted to, you could track down the spammer, their isp, their web host, the web host's data center, the data center's backbone providers, those backbone provider's investors and sue them all if you wanted to.

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Brian, you say that it isn't your fault. You compare it to a gun-shop selling a gun that kills someone.

But the gun-shop isn't the one that shoots them. If the spam messages are coming from your server, or advertising a website hosted on your server, than you *are* the one that's shooting them.

You are apparently giving away free access, similar to Hotmail and others. Dealing with the spammers is an expense. If you do a good job, then the expense is all yours. If you do a lousy job, the problem gets spread out to other people because you didn't do your job.

Don't be surprised when you find your IP's and your domains in various blacklists. Nobody wants to deal with a provider (paid or not) who allows the crap out.

Quit puking all over every system on the net, and people will quit thinking that you're slime. Until then - keep your slime away from me.