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Ripped Off »
This is a sub-selection from Bhellshit!

Ripped off

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Re: Bhellshit!

I am sure they are playing a game by reducing limits then recieving complaints. They will then go back to the old limits and stupid people will be happy. Kind of like the guy who beats his wife then buys her flowers and she is so happy he is so romantic.

I just signed up for Nitro and was told 500Gb and now I find out it is 350GB caps. So they want me to pay $150 for Nitro and another $50 for an extra data package so I will have to pay $200 for cable! I think I will move to extreme and add two $50 data packs until I can find an alternative!

PS Nitro is not worth it. Web sites don't even come close to the speed so functionally I do not notice much benefit!
Ripped Off »
This is a sub-selection from Bhellshit!