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Downers Grove, IL
reply to DarnellP

Re: A million here, a million there

Nextel. QChat. Sprint Broadband Direct. Worldcom (Well, Almost. That was a close call).

Nextel is a black hole because they were unable to convert so many people, they failed maintaining and upgrading it and they now announced their intentions for phasing it out. Yes, it's still a few years away, but they waited way too long to shit or get off the pot on iDEN. It's sucked a lot of life out of Sprint.


Las Vegas, NV
The Nextel merger is what it is. I think that Alltel would have been the more logical partner, but that's water under the bridge. Bad merger or not, there are some positives that will come out of it, namely spectrum. A nice chunk of the 2.5GHz spectrum that Clearwire now has for WiMAX (and probably LTE at some point) came from the Nextel merger. Additionally, they got 14MHz of 800MHz spectrum that they will begin using to bolster their CDMA coverage. So call Nextel a black hole or whatever, but some of those assets should provide benefits long after the iDEN network is shuttered.

QChat came along with the Nextel merger. It's still being supported on the network level and there is still even QChat phone on their website, the V950. Plus Sprint plans to relaunch Direct Connect over CDMA later this year. They haven't disclosed what platform they're going to be using, but who knows, perhaps it will be the next generation of QChat. Thus, the jury is still out on that one.

Sprint Broadband Direct....it was in some ways obsoleted by EVDO and later WiMAX. Plus from what I understand, the FCC ordered Sprint to vacate the spectrum that Sprint was using for the service. What are ya gonna do?


Cleveland, OH
Sprint needs to focus on getting that specturm in use that they just got from T. If they don't start using that for their actual CDMA network it will start to affect their business in a LOT of the markets. CLE being one of them. BIG dead spots in major areas.